Our Policies

Does People’s Pantry offer delivery or pickup in my area?

Sellers will determine whether they will offer shipping, local hand-delivery or local pick-up services. To see what is available near you, enable location services.

Can I schedule a products delivery or pick-up time?

This is subject to the sellers’ location and availability.

What happens if my products are bad? Will they be refunded and when?

Please open a case with the seller. If they do not get back to you within 48 hours, please email customer service, at support@shoppeoplespantry.com

What if I’m unable to pick up my order when scheduled?

Pick-up orders can be cancelled as per the seller’s item policy.

Are you familiar with your states cottage food laws?
Cottage Food Laws are the key to starting a business in your own kitchen! Starting a business legally without typical licensing of full-fledged commercial kitchens requires compliance to cottage food law rules. As long as they are followed you can begin selling your creations immediately. 

For more information about your particular states laws please visit https:www.cottagefoodlaws.com

Can I include notes to the Seller?
Yes, you can include notes to your seller, so they know your item preferences, for example, “Please send firm avocados for my order."

Is there a minimum order amount for me on People’s Pantry?

Each seller will determine their order minimums.

What types of payments will People’s Pantry accept?

We accept all majors credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express and most bank-issued debit cards.

Can I make changes to my online order after the order is placed?

Yes, if your seller has not already processed or shipped your items. This is at the discretion of the seller.

Do you deliver to businesses?

Yes. Any business can purchase items from People’s Pantry.

Is my personal information confidential?

Yes, your personal information is treated in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

How do I contact Customer Support?

Email us at support@peoplespantry.com or fill out an online Help Form if preferred.

Do I need to be present at the time of delivery or can someone pick up my order?

If there are no alcoholic items in the order, the delivery driver can leave orders as instructed. We are not responsible for items in an order once they are delivered, including without limitation, theft, spoil, or damage.

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The people in your local community are your suppliers! Inventory and items sold on the peoples pantry are the farmers, home cooks, gardeners, and artisans around you!

Check out our requirements page and pay special attention to the cabin laws. Ensure that whatever products you are selling can be sold in your state with appropriate licensure. Sign up, sign the disclosure, and follow the user friendly instructions to build your page!

People’s Pantry does not physically store produce. All products come from our independent sellers.

Meet the market right in your back yard! Let us handle the marketing and website management & vetting customers and you can focus on creating outstanding products to grow your business and brand!

Are you a local farmer, baker, or artisan?

You make it. We’ll help you sell it. : - )