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Bourbon Peach Vanilla Jam *Contains Alcohol


Who doesn't love a sweet and smoky blend of fruit and bourbon whiskey? With every bite of this unique jam you will feel like you are touring a distillery deep in the heart of Kentucky and exploring the flavors that come together to make the American drink so iconic. Goes amazingly with various foods, including toast, biscuits, scones, pancakes/waffles, using as a marinade or sauce for savory meals- even desserts (try with ice cream, on cheesecake or baking in a cake!). The possibilities with our jams are endless, so don't be afraid to get creative.

Dairy Free

MADE BY: Mariah Lackey

Small, home-based single-person shop that specializes in making jams, jellies, syrups and fruit spreads - and sometimes baked goods. I also make some items that are diabetic/Keto/bariatric friendly. I will take custom orders for personal batches as well, just reach out to me via email at lackeyriah@gmail.com. Please message me if you would like items shipped, I am happy to figure something out :)



  • Appearance:

Size: Available in pints and half-pints. Half-pints are $9 each, Pints are $16

Color: Usually comes out in varying shades of yellow, orange and brown.

Consistency/Texture: Very soft and spreadable. Pieces of peaches will be present.

  • Shelf Life: These jams are typically good for 1 year if they are unopened and stored appropriately (sealed & out of direct sunlight and heat). Once opened, jams must be kept in the fridge with the lid on when not in use; they can usually last up to 1-2 months (I usually consume mine within a couple of weeks, however).
  • Origin/Disclaimer: All of my products are made by hand, by me, in batches. We are a pet friendly family business so , please be mindful of this for allergy reasons for those who are highly allergic to dogs.


  • Peaches, fresh and canned
  • Lemon Juice
  • Lime Juice
  • Brown Sugar
  • Pure Cane Sugar
  • Pure Vanilla Extract
  • Bourbon Whiskey (*contains alcohol)
  • Water